About Us

Just-Cos is a membership based insurance policy. We approached them with a view to covering CosPlayers with Public Liability insurance in their right as a re-enactor to wear and carry costume articles that may prove alarming or ‘scary’ to third parties who may not understand our purpose. This policy particularly covers the right to carry imitation weaponry that could otherwise be mistaken as real or mistakenly reported as an offensive weapon.

In todays ‘Americanised’ legal system of ‘No claim no fee’ companies and similar ambulance chasers, it is now more important than ever to be protected by insurance. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Just-Cos is exactly that: It’s just for us CosPlayers.

You can join up for a small annual fee of £20, that’s it. For your £20 you will receive £5Million maximum claim cover against public liability. It’s quite unlikely that you’ll ever need to use it and we sincerely hope you don’t! That is not all though. You will also receive a 6 monthly e-magazine which will cover all the events we attend, member photos, member stories and reports, invites to events both old and new and a monthly newsletter straight to your mailbox if you choose to subscribe.

With membership we have power! We can use our strength in numbers to apply for discounts and other awesome deals on behalf of the club. This is just the beginning and it’s your chance to be part of it.